Chicco Roll on Anti Mosquitoes 60 ml.

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There is no doubt, summer is the best part of the year. The sun makes us feel good and we like to spend a lot of time out in the open.
But every year, summer also means mosquitoes! Climate change and the resulting rise in humidity have made the mosquito problem worse in many parts of the world. Add to that the fact that specially aggressive types of mosquitoes are becoming more frequent (for example the Asian Tiger mosquito) which, unlike the common mosquito, bites mainly in the daytime and can also stand colder weather.
Unfortunately, children are defenceless and this is why they are often a favourite target of mosquitoes. Their skin is also very delicate and this is why it is important to protect them using safe and natural products. 

The new line of natural mosquito repellents made especially for babies and children is the result of Chicco’s long experience of caring for them. A product line that is complete, safe and effective, to delicately protect babies’ skin from mosquito and other insect bites during the summertime.

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